Inside the most outrageous Airbnb listings

2021-12-23 07:03:51 By : Ms. Amy Wei

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Travelers are looking for one thing in their Airbnb vacation spot ahead of the holidays: uniqueness.

According to a new study by, Google searches for “different types of Airbnb” are up 400% over the last 12 months as pandemic-weary people seek to break the cycle of stay-at-home life.

“There’s a lot more interest from holidaymakers in finding a unique stay,” Jessica Willock, a home insurance expert at, told The Post. “In comparison to typical hotels, Airbnb offers a variety of unique and different stays, making it a fun option for travelers who want to break away from tradition.”

Willock explained that while the travel industry is “picking up,” adventurers are hoping to make the most out of the holiday season by booking unique and exciting spaces for their stays.

“Not only do these unique properties break away from the norm, but also include an Instagrammable factor as visitors want to boast about their holidays on their social media feeds,” she said. “As the interest in Airbnb only continues to soar, owners could be taking the opportunity to cash in on their weird and wonderful properties by putting their homes on Airbnb.”

Scroll through to see some of the most in-demand, unique Airbnb stays just in time for the holidays.

If you want to step into the future, this might just be the best Airbnb listing for you.

Located in Mexico’s wine country, Campera Hotel, known as the Bubble Suite, has been described as a fancier version of glamping. At $230 per night, it costs about 167% more than other two-bedroom rentals, according to data from

“Our state of the art bubbles are immersed in Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico’s most famous wine country surrounded by wineries and restaurants,” the listing states.

Made up of 12 bubbles, each comes with a private bathroom and a full-sized bed. 

“Designed in France and made with the highest grade of materials, our bubbles create a sphere of comfort and intimacy,” the listing states.

Another unique Airbnb is the Dreamy Tropical Treehouse in Hawaii — an adult-sized treehouse with a 360-degree view of a tropical jungle. This secluded spot costs $287 a night, which is only $40 more expensive than your typical Airbnbs in the local area.

Located in Lanai, the listing states that you will have your own island to yourself, being able to explore Volcano National Park, which is just 10 minutes away.

A beautiful wrap-around lanai allows for a 360-degree view of the lush jungle, while two sliding glass doors amongst a canopy of trees grant access to the bedroom.

In this Airbnb, known as the Mushroom Dome, you will have a dome all to yourself.

Shaped like a mushroom, the dome has been listed on Airbnb since 2009, and is pegged as having had “the most reservations of any of their listings — in the world.”

Pegged as a cozy curvy retreat cabin in the middle of a forest, the Mushroom Dome in California lands on’s weirdest Airbnb list.

A one-bed geodesic dome was built to resemble a mushroom, with 10 acres surrounding the property. Visitors have full access to the retreat and can take a hike, or gaze at the stars. Prices during the holidays range about $450 a night but can go down to $150 in the spring.

Starting out as a 20-foot shipping container, this wacky home known as the Yellow and Blue Tiny House has been decked out with a spacious rooftop deck and custom-made shower to land on’s weirdest Airbnbs list.

This unique container home costs an affordable $186 per night and sleeps two people.

The interior is insulated and paneled in pine shiplap. The outside is clad with cedar siding with spacing to allow the original container to still be seen, the listing states.

“We removed the steel panels from the doors and replaced them with picturesque full glass,” the hosts of the Airbnb explained. “The fun rooftop deck is surrounded by a custom cable railing system and lit with fully color-adjustable LED lights under the rail that gives the deck a beautiful glow at night.”

Of all the Airbnbs analyzed, Treehouse Blue Mountains in Australia was the most costly. Staying at this property usually costs a whopping $1,685 a night — a staggering 613% above the average in the area.

Located in Bilpin, in New South Wales, prices are a whopping $1,095, which is a decrease from its typical prices.

The treehouse is surrounded by 600 acres of private wilderness in the Blue Mountains, the listing notes. This secluded accommodation offers a back-to-nature experience, nestled between two National Parks and a World Heritage-listed rainforest.

The cabin comes complete with a spa, kitchenette, queen bed, fireplace and floor-to-ceiling windows that boast views of Bowen’s Creek Gorge and the rare Blue Mountains rainforest.

It turns out that the cheapest yet weirdest Airbnb is Cabana Floripa, the Brazilian eco-residence that only charges $21 a night. For this small sum, you get walls made from recycled bottles, stained glass windows, repurposed furniture and a true sense of adventure in this one-of-a-kind hideaway.

“Floripa house is a space that seems to levitate on the mountains thanks to its glass walls that allow you to enjoy a 360-degree view over the territory. It was conceived with ecological awareness and the idea of reusing materials,” the listing notes.

Pegged as the “highest house of the land,” the listing comes with two balconies and is surrounded by glass-colored walls and bottles to give you the sense of living in the air.

The loft comes with a double bed and a single bed with one bathroom.

A secluded treehouse with forest views is what awaits you in Atlanta, Georgia.

“Gaze at your surroundings from the three separate areas named Mind, Body, and Spirit,” the listing states.

The Mind area is the sitting room, which comes with antique furnishings and artifacts including 80-year-old windows of pressed butterfly wings, a plaster cast of a Siberian Tiger paw, fossils, a couch and chairs.

The Body area is the bedroom, which sleeps two. It is has been dubbed as a “bed in the trees.” The bed is equipped with wheels so it can either be inside the room or rolled out onto a platform that overlooks the stream below.

The Spirit area is where the hammock deck is and opens to the elements. “The deck surrounds the spirited “Old Man”, a 165-year-old Southern Short-Leaf Pine tree — the largest of the seven trees that support the treehouse suite and watch over its guests,” the listing states.

The listing comes with three suites, just minutes from downtown.

This quirky stay will cost you $372 per night.