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SDNP/21/05609/HOUS: Bepton Lodge, Bell Lane. Proposed swimming pool and poolhouse with associated paving.

BX/21/03560/TCA: Broadlands, Halnaker. Notification of intention to fell 1 no. Beech Tree.

CC/21/01679/DOM: 40 Beech Avenue. First floor side extension and pitched roof canopy front elevation.

CC/21/02906/DOM: 101 Parklands Road. Proposed hip to gable roof extension, rear pitched dormer and 3 no. front rooflights.

CC/21/03280/FUL: Stockbridge Student Village, University Of Chichester, Stockbridge Road. Proposed use of blocks A-D at Stockbridge Student Village as accommodation for seasonal workers outside of term time when students do not occupy the blocks.

CC/21/03309/DOM: 3 Keepers Wood. Single storey rear extension, single storey rear side extension and new front porch with bay window with various alterations including additions to fenestration and replacement of tile hanging with weatherboard.

CC/21/03343/FUL: Forbes Place, Flat 23, King George Gardens. Altering of non-load bearing partitions and ceiling, removal of boiler and addition of 1 no. roof-light.

CC/21/03462/LBC: Eastrop House, 3 East Pallant. Installation of a partition to first floor and installation of new WC facilities .

CC/21/03451/DOM: 25A Chapel Street. Proposed windows replacement.

CC/21/03456/DOM: 196 Orchard Street. Replace existing single glazed timber sliding sash and casement windows and doors with new purpose made joinery timber single glazed sliding sash and casement windows and doors.

CC/21/03457/LBC: 196 Orchard Street. Replace existing single glazed timber sliding sash and casement windows and doors with new purpose made joinery timber single glazed sliding sash and casement windows and doors.

CC/21/03458/DOM: 117 Parklands Road. Rear single storey extension, front garage extension and new bay window arrangement.

CC/21/03496/TCA: 4 Vicars Close. Notification of intention to fell 1 no. Bay tree (BA1), 1 no. Holly tree (H1) and 1 no. Fir tree (DF1). Remove 1 no. lower limb on lower southeast sector and reduce height to 5m on 1 no. Magnolia tree (BA3). Reduce height to 5m on 1 no. Holly tree (H2).

CC/21/03532/ADV: 89-91 East Street. Erection of temporary hoarding on the front elevation of the building.

CC/21/03596/TPA: 2 Harberton Crescent. Crown reduce by 30% (back to old wound points) and crown thin by 25% on 2 no. Sycamore trees (quoted as S1 & S2) within Woodland, W1 subject to CC/68/00163/TPO.

CH/21/03269/DOM: Furness, Broad Road, Hambrook. Change use of loft space to habitable accommodation to include 2 no. side dormers and the erection of a garden room.

CH/21/03556/DOM: 17 Maybush Drive, Chidham. Single storey side extension to western elevation, new porch, removal of existing chimney, external insulation and replacement of 1 no. front bay window with 2 no. bay windows.

D/21/03439/DOM: 61 Graydon Avenue. New single storey side infill to side elevation.

E/21/03437/DOM: Cherry Hinton, Clappers Lane. Demolition of existing single storey rear extension and construction of replacement single storey rear extension forming annexe to existing house.

E/21/03572/TCA: Mill House, Bell Lane. Notification of intention to fell 1 no. Horse Chestnut (quoted as T1).

SDNP/21/06045/FUL: Conifers School, Egmont Road. Tree house class room.

EWB/21/03318/DOM: 1 Kimbridge Road, East Wittering. Two storey side and rear extensions and new front porch with associated roof works.

SDNP/21/05818/FUL: Beavers, Square Drive, Kingsley Green. Construction of a new replacement detached dwelling with an intergrated garage following the demolition of the existing house, detached garage and outbuilding.

SDNP/21/06186/LDP: Linghurst, 8 Park Lane. Proposed lawful development construction of single storey rear kitchen/garden room extension and the demolition of a small rear lobby.

FU/21/03578/PLD: Chichester Lodge, Funtington Road, Oakwood, East Ashling. Proposed lawful development certificate for the siting of mobile home/lodge to be used as ancillary accommodation.

SDNP/21/05878/HOUS: Heights Of Abraham, Quebec Lane, West Harting. Rebuilding and extension of garage/outbuilding.

SDNP/21/06159/APNB: Willow Lodge Farm, Nyewood Road, Nyewood, South Harting. General purpose agricultural building, yard and track.

SDNP/21/05913/LDP: Eastfield, Orchard Close, East Harting. Erection of a single-storey rear conservatory, outdoor in-ground swimming pool and erection of a domestic outbuilding.

HN/21/02852/DOM: 54 St Leodegars Way. Proposed front Dormer. Infill between rear dormers. New rooflights on main and side roof and solar control roof.

KD/21/03460/DOM: Little Gables, Village Road. Extension to garden room to provide garden tool and general storage area.

SDNP/21/05763/TCA: The Cottage, Pook Lane. Notification of intention to fell 1 no. Weeping Willow tree.

SDNP/21/05799/TPO: 2 April Gardens. Reduce heights by 33% on 3 no. Sycamore trees (T11-T13) subject to LV/93/00641/TPO.

SDNP/21/06169/TCA: Broad Margin, Pook Lane. Notification of intention to reduce height by 2m and widths (all round) by up to 1.5m on 2 no. Leyland Cypress trees (quoted as T1 and T2).

LX/21/03513/DOM: Fox Cottage, Plaistow Road. Swimming pool and changing and plant room.

LX/21/03514/LBC: Fox Cottage, Plaistow Road. Swimming pool and changing and plant room.

SDNP/21/05296/HOUS: Broomfield House, Vann Road, Fernhurst. Removal and replacement of 1 no. greenhouse.

SDNP/21/05692/ADV: Bus Shelter, North Street. 1 no. non-illuminated corten steel sign.

SDNP/21/06121/TPO: 11 Ashfield Close. Fell 1 no. Willow tree (T1), remove 1 no. limb on north-east sector on 1 no. Elder tree. Both trees are within Area, A1 subject to MI/73/00672/TPO.

NM/21/03509/ELD: Chichester Food Park, Bognor Road, Chichester. Construction of access to site in accordance with planning permission NM/18/00776/FUL.

SDNP/21/06036/HOUS: Whatelea, Luffs Meadow. Proposed roof change to provide standing height for storage space in loft.

SDNP/21/05833/FUL: Part of Lower Diddlesfold Farm Known As Diddlesfold Manor Farm Lot 1, Diddlesfold Lane. Change of use of land for all weather turnout area for private equestrian use only (in association to permissions SDNP/18/00474/FUL & SDNP/21/03596/CND).

SDNP/21/06117/TCA: Yew Tree Cottage, A283 Hillgrove Lane To Luffs Meadow. Notification of intention to crown reduce by 1.5m on 1 no. Oak tree (T1).

PS/21/03435/DOM: Glenhaven, Dunsfold Road, Plaistow. Demolition of 2 no. existing timber outbuildings and erection of 1 no. outbuilding for use as garden room/gym/pool plant and storage.

SY/21/03237/FUL: Land Adjacent To Arbus Ltd, Ellis Square. Use of small parcel of land (25m x 12m) for the siting of 7 no. storage containers (for rental purposes) with security fence to match adjacent property.

SI/21/03590/FUL: Seven Springs, Rotten Row. Erection of replacement dwelling. Resubmission of SI/21/03104/FUL.

SDNP/21/06142/LDP: Harlow House, The Street, Stedham. Single storey rear extension, replacement rear first floor window and paving/decking.

SDNP/21/05895/TPO: Lordington Park Rest And Convalescent Home, Newbarn Lane, Lordington. Reduce height by 3m, reduce north, south and west sectors by up to 2m, reduce eastern sector by up to 4m and crown lift south-east sector by up to 6m (above ground level) on 1 no. Sycamore tree (T1) within Area, A5 subject to SO/68/00964/TPO.

SDNP/21/05970/FUL: Stansted Park Foundation, Broad Walk, Stansted Installation of 15 no. low height light columns with low energy lamps and 11 no. lit bollards together to provide safety lighting for car park occupants in early evening during winter months.

WI/21/03533/FUL: Land West Of Itchenor Gate Farm, Itchenor Road. Construction of new public accessible cycle way for the re-routing of salterns way cycle way.

WW/21/02937/DOM: Thetis House, Cakeham Road. Part single storey, part two storey rear extensions.

WW/21/03459/DOM: 8 Ascot Close. Two storey side extension and single storey rear extension.

WH/21/03566/FUL: Rolls Royce Motor Cars, The Drive. Erection of 1 no. new external building to provide additional storage and associated works, including external alterations.

WR/21/03574/TPA: 2 Carters Way. Crown reduce (overall) by 20% on eastern sector on 1 no. Varigated Box Elder tree (T1), within Area A1, subject to 68/01110/TPO.

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